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Thesis. Capture the author’s main point as you develop your analysis. A thesis statement comes at the end of the introduction paragraph and may be two or three sentences. It should be specific and clear without ambiguity. It waters the readers’ appetite to read on and discover how the body of the paper offers evidence. With a clear thesis on your rhetorical analysis essay outline, the writing process should be walkover for you.

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Analytical Essay Outline Template

To develop a good rhetorical analysis essay outline, it is important to think about the following questions. This will ensure that you include all crucial components in your paper.

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With the above information on introduction, ethos, pathos, and logos, it is important to have a conclusion on your rhetorical analysis essay outline. The aim of the conclusion is to round up the author’s content with something that will leave the audience thinking about the document. Discuss the strengths and weakness of the document before giving your overall assessment.

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